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A-Welcome-To-All: We Invite You is a not-for-profit ecovillage network organization based in Olympia, Washington, USA. The collective was founded in 2005 and operates an Educational Center for Activism, Urban Sustainability and a Center for Community Organizing.

In 2005, the A-Welcome-To-All: We Invite You collective created a mission statement to form a network of educational ecovillages with access to everyone.

The Ecovillage Network[]

A-Welcome-To-All: We Invite You Collective operates out of several houses in West Olympia near The Evergreen State College. Many of the workshops taught are in regards to the encouragement of activism and urban sustainability practices. In addition to activism, the collective provides activists with an international, open source operating system which creates a social network service for not-for-profit projects.

Members of A-Welcome-To-All: We Invite You Collective network worldwide with assistance from organizations such as Olympia Indymedia, the Olympia Zine Library, Olympia Free School, and Olympia Food Not Bombs.

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