Meta Collab

"Artistic collaboration" is one of the most common usages of the term collaboration with many dictionary definitions including references to literary artistic collaboration. Collaboration in art (as well as in any other field) expands the individual's capacities and creative options, allowing for more unpredictability - often playing a key role in generating inspiration and new ideas and approaches.

Authorship & Ownership[]

Collaboration in art can spur many difficult debates with regards to authorship and ownership, and may in some cases, fear of loss of artistic control can become a barrier to entry. Additionally, authorship can be considerably difficult to establish in collaborative projects, as the line between one contributor's ideas and another may be very fuzzy, as the nature of such projects are often one of developing shared understandings. Therefore, an idea often develops in a mutual space, almost as if it were contributed by another - sometimes referred to as the 'third hand' (site Green). Ownership disputes may follow on as a natural consequence of authorship debates, as ownership in art (i.e. control of copyrights and royalties) is generally determined by the identity of the individual author from which the work originated.

As a potential solution to the restrictive, standard copyright, 'all rights reserved', new commons oriented licensing agreements are being develop such as Creative Commons and the General Public Licence...

Some forms of artistic creation are only possible through collaboration, such as theater, film making and works requiring complicated stages of production.