Meta Collab

A collaboration directory shows entities willing to collaborate. This web based application also includes not only searching possibilities but also:

  • mailing possibilities
  • event directory
  • uploaded papers and posters

Questions arising from running such a service is how to motivate partners to keep their entries up to date. The quality assurance may be distributed amongst the core partners but also one person may be charged with it.

Apart from research facility specific content, also the presentation of researchers and their work is relevant.

One example is which is based on which features research facilities in Europe. The Intransnet directory contains information about unique and/or special test tracks and basins, model testing laboratories, prototype engineering & testing, test beds for vehicle parts, small or full scale prototypes, mobile testing equipments and simulation tools and simulators (simulation models) or equal. covers all transport modes like rail, road, maritime, air planes, pipeline and infrastructure like bridge, ports and tunnels. You may either search for information about competence, co-operation partners or invite them to conferences or simply present your facility (goto Registration) within this database.