Meta Collab

Dave Pollard is the subject of this wikerview which was instigated by Mark Elliott in February of 2006.

He is the author of the exemplar and influential blog How to Save the World which covers topics as diverse as environmental philosophy and activism, natural enterprise, narrative and storytelling, social networking and personal content management and innovation. He has written a number of articles on collaboration (scroll down to the 'collaboration' heading), and recently collaborated with Mitch Ditkoff and Tim Moore of Idea Champions and Carolyn Allen of Innovation Solution Center on a survey to discover what the charictaristics of an ideal collaborator might be. Some of the results of this survey have been incorporated into the collaboration page (as well as material from his blog).

The wikerview

In A Conversation On The Collaboration Process with Mitch Ditkoff, Carolyn Allen & Tim Moore, you defined collaboration as "the creation of a collective work-product by a highly responsive, interactive, iterative give-and-take process that yields something greater than what any set of individuals working alone could produce". Do you think the process of collaboration necessarily includes the joint development of shared understandings?

I would love to hear your thoughts on the viability of a [general theory of collaboration] - do you think it would be worthwhile for interested researchers/practitioners etc to work towards the development of a 'collabology', or study of collaboration?