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User-led Group Resource Navigation[]

Why do we exist?[]

Discussion about the focus of this group is accessible at the user-led page. Don't forget the Discussion section of that page.

Essentially, we appear happy to explore ideas and consider new measures for appreciating the value of collaboration and user-led processes. We expect to be able to publish papers, share ideas and consider new opportunities for integrating user-led processes for specific purposes.

Meetings are focused on a single topic and we explore around that topic, sharing knowledge and resources, and collectively considering the implications of changes in cultural engagement models.

Plus we exist because Axel Bruns brought us all together.

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Forthcoming Events[]

The User-led Group Calendar will be created by Rachel. Events will be able to be added to this Calendar once it's active, but the following dates apply:

  • The next meeting of the User-led group will be 1:30-2:30pm in the Level 2 Boardroom of Z1 on Friday 28 July. Bring lunch if you want to eat. The topic of the next meeting will focus on the concept of user-led. You may also find it useful to consider some of the questions posed by the Heilmeier criteria as described on the User-led Discussion page (
  • The ACID Speakeasy on Gaming will be held from 2.30 – 4.30 on Friday 28 July (ie: directly after the next meeting) and will be followed by drinks & nibbles. It will probably be situated in the Glasshouse. Deb Polson and Jo Jacobs will be hosting the event.

Mail all the staff in the Group[]

Wanna email everyone? Here's everyone's email address as block text. Just cut and paste into your mail client.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;