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This is a list of collaborative software (or list of groupware) applications. Wiki software is on a list of wiki software.

Open source / free software

The following are open source or free software applications.

  • Groupware
  • Collaborative Media
    • web based solutions
      • Scoop
      • SlashCode software that runs Slashdot
      • everything engine [12] backing the everything2 site
      • bricolage used by
      • Nuxeo Collaborative Portal Server: content management and collaborative platform based on Zope
      • OpenKM: document management and collaborative platform.
      • Drum : live document sharing and instant web based meetings
      • Docsie : simple headless documentation management platform, embed your docs into your site with a string of JavaScript
      • LogicalDOC [13] web-based document management system and knowledge management platform
      • Nuclino : simple and fast collaboration tool with easy linking, smart tags, and visualizations
      • EisenVault : Cloud based document management system software
    • Remote pair-programming tools
    • Other
      • Croquet project
  • Project Collaboration
  • Wiki collaborative software

Commercial or proprietary software

The following are commercial software or proprietary software applications:

  • 24SevenOffice [22] web based ERP/CRM solution.
  • Actionmintweb based collaborative and project management software.
  • Audiomon Google Docs for Garageband. A browser-based digital audio workstation, for easy collaboration between musicians, without the need to send around large files.
  • Dommoni RoundTable Collaboration Environment [23] A collaboration environment for sharing information and project management. Addins connect existing software such as Microsoft Office to RoundTable.
  • Kiwi Manager [24] web-based project management and collaboration software for creative professionals
  • Chirp (Software) [25] — Collaborative teamwork dashboard / manager; client and (internet-based) server enables offline and online use for intra- or inter-organizational tracking of task issues and status. Free 30 day trial of Windows & Mac clients.
  • AtomSuite [26]
  • bindrs simple webapp for private collaboration across social networks and e-mail
  • Budka is a time tracking and reporting tool developed by OCSICO - custom software company
  • B.efficient [27] is a cross-platform collaborative platform for mobile workers and distributed offices.
  • BSCW Basic Support for Collaborative Work
  • Caboh [28] is web-based software for task management, group discussions, and document management
  • Central Desktop web-based team productivity and group collaboration (with wiki technology)
  • Collaborative Workspaces [29]
  • Documentum eRoom [30] — Flexible collaborative environment
  • eeedo [31] - smart social intranet
  • EPIware [32] — Collaborative web-based project management.
  • eStudio [33] — Collaborative web-based software that provides a central location to share projects, documents, schedules and contacts.
  • FirstClass
  • Groove is a Microsoft Windows based peer-to-peer platform
  • GroupVille [34] is a web-based groupware in Java.
  • [35]: Secure, cross-platform web conferencing/meeting software.
  • GroveSite [36] — Hosted online collaboration software enables dispersed or multi-company teams to share files, track tasks and manage issues, 24/7. Free trial is up in minutes.
  • HotDiary [37] — offers collaborative social diary services.
  • HyperOffice [38] — offers web based communication and collaboration software including project management, intranet software, document management and business email.
  • IBM Lotus Connections
  • IBM Lotus Notes and Domino
  • IBM Lotus Workplace [39]
  • IBM Lotus Team Workspace (Quickplace) [40]
  • IBM Lotus Web Conferencing [41]
  • IBM Lotus Instant Messaging (Sametime)
  • Isabel Application [42] [43] Multipoint video/audio/data conferencing for audience interconnection in meeting rooms, classrooms or auditoriums. Effective and friendly, no MCU needed.
  • iKE [44] Personal Assistant Service – for collaboration with clients, co-workers, family and friends.
  • – Easy-to-use online project management and collaboration software on the cloud.
  • Kanban Tool — web-based project management and real-time collaboration solution. Easy to learn and customize thanks to power-ups. Available versions: online, on-site and mobile.   
  • MayeticVillage[45] – Free online collaboration workspaces
  • Microsoft Exchange Server and the Microsoft Outlook client
  • Microsoft Netmeeting
  • Microsoft Live Meeting
  • Microsoft SharePoint Services and Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server
  • Netspoke [46] – Integrated Audio & Web Conferencing.
  • Novell GroupWise
  • OffBureau- An online workspace.
  • OpenSpace-Online [47] Real-time Conferencing – large group meeting methodology for result-oriented participation.
  • PabloDraw — Collaborative text and ANSI/ASCII art editing on Windows
  • ReadyTalk [48] Web Conferencing — Java based web conferencing/collaboration tool.
  • Redianet Redianet class - Real time media presentation, control and collaboration for learning in networked classrooms.
  • Scalix
  • Scrivlet [49] lets one quickly create shared, WYSIWYG-editable web pages
  • SpinXpress is a peer-to-peer application for ad hoc collaboration.
  • Socialtext provides wiki and weblog web-based collaboration
  • Stackfield
  • SubEthaEdit – Collaborative text editing on Mac OS X
  • SukrutSoft : MyTeamWork [50] — Web and Online Groupware Software and Collaboration System. Sms,Emails and web messages.
  • Synergist [51] — Job costing, collaborative and project management solution serving creative, digital, marketing, PR and consultancies worldwide.
  • TeamBinder - Project Collaboration , Document Control, Web Based.
  • teamspace [52] — Online Groupware System for virtual teamwork. Includes complete outlook synchronization.
  • Teamsync [53] — Manage, Collaborate, Report. WorkAnywhere, Anytime. Free account!
  • TeamWox - Online Team Collaboration software, free for 10 users
  • TrackerOffice [54]Microsoft Outlook based collaborative solution for project management.
  • Tracker Suite [55]Lotus Notes based collaborative applications for project and IT management, HR and sales force automation.
  • TrackerSuite.Net [56] – 100% Web based software suite, includes integreated modules for Projects, IT and HR.
  • Vignette Collaboration Services [57] - Vignette collaboration products
  • Webex [58] – web based collaboration tools
  • WebIQ [59] – web based collaboration tools
  • Workspot is a web service providing Linux desktops, which can be shared securely through a browser.
  • WorkZone [60] — web-based intranet and extranet collaboration software
  • Zaplet 3 [61]
  • Zing Technologies AnyZing and ZingThing - Electronic Learning and Meeting System software for team rooms and networks.
  • IsoSpace [62] Web Based Collaboration Software; Easy to use, J2EE based, Document Storage and Management
  • WorkCollaboration [63] — Collaborative teamwork dashboard / manager with built-in virtualization; client and (internet-based) server enables use for intra- or inter-organizational project management, content management and video conferencing. Finance, Telephony and Faxing are available for premium over 25 users accounts. Read more [41] Free 30 day trial is available with registration [64].
  • Techkari - It is online web application work for technology.
  • TheTechieKing - its programming and gaming related website.
  • hindiAstar — Highly trusted & unique web application which is serve content through an Intelligent algorithm
  • Synodus - The pioneering software development company in blockchain, IoT, and Big Data.
  • Rikkeisoft - Provide high-quality and custom-made products and solutions for Software Development, Mobile App Development,] Cloud Services, and Digital Transformation.

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