This is a list of collaborative software (or list of groupware) applications. Wiki software is on a list of wiki software.

Open source / free software[edit | edit source]

The following are open source or free software applications.

Commercial or proprietary software[edit | edit source]

The following are commercial software or proprietary software applications:

  • 24SevenOffice [23] web based ERP/CRM solution.
  • Actionmintweb based collaborative and project management software.
  • Audiomon Google Docs for Garageband. A browser-based digital audio workstation, for easy collaboration between musicians, without the need to send around large files.
  • Dommoni RoundTable Collaboration Environment [24] A collaboration environment for sharing information and project management. Addins connect existing software such as Microsoft Office to RoundTable.
  • Kiwi Manager [25] web-based project management and collaboration software for creative professionals
  • Chirp (Software) [26] — Collaborative teamwork dashboard / manager; client and (internet-based) server enables offline and online use for intra- or inter-organizational tracking of task issues and status. Free 30 day trial of Windows & Mac clients.
  • AtomSuite [27]
  • bindrs simple webapp for private collaboration across social networks and e-mail
  • Budka is a time tracking and reporting tool developed by OCSICO - custom software company
  • B.efficient [28] is a cross-platform collaborative platform for mobile workers and distributed offices.
  • BSCW Basic Support for Collaborative Work
  • Caboh [29] is web-based software for task management, group discussions, and document management
  • Central Desktop web-based team productivity and group collaboration (with wiki technology)
  • Collaborative Workspaces [30]
  • Documentum eRoom [31] — Flexible collaborative environment
  • eeedo [32] - smart social intranet
  • EPIware [33] — Collaborative web-based project management.
  • eStudio [34] — Collaborative web-based software that provides a central location to share projects, documents, schedules and contacts.

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