Meta Collab

This is a list of mass collaboration projects, giving an overview of such projects around the world with information on their objectives and process of collaboration. It is arranged alphabetically.

  • is aimed at providing a shared 'graffiti space' for online (Flash based) drawing. Participants can add/edit/delete others work and often work in groups to achieve larger works and ambitions (such as disrupting other groups' work).
  • is a aimed at developing a collaborative encyclopedia on collaboration. One of its central objectives is to build a general theory of collaboration by linking and drawing upon the multidisciplinary perspectives of its authors.
  • is aimed at collaboratively developing a free encyclopedia.
  • "mormon%20genealogy"&s_kwcid=mormon%20genealogy|755517144, while being predominantly compiled by members of one religious group make their info open to and updateable by the general public.