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LogicalDOC is an easy to use Document Management System suitable for organizations of any size. Its design leverages best-of-breed open source Java technologies such as Google's GWT, Spring, Hibernate to create a modular platform which can be run on any system, from Windows to Linux or MAC OS X.

The graphical interface of LogicalDOC, elegant and intuitive, transforms complex operations into easy tasks. The system allows the storage, classification and use of all types of files and documents within an user friendly framework.

By means of its flexible architecture, LogicalDOC adapts to the needs of businesses and organizations of every kind and importance.You can handle small or large quantities of documents, classify them and define their accessibility.

Focusing company information in a single access point, LogicalDOC ensure the security of data. In this way, only authorized users can access specific documents. At the same time, it provides a full audit control. LogicalDOC is a Web 2.0 application that works with all major browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari. The problem of loss of information is permanently reduced by the execution of periodic backups.

One of the most significant feature that's worth mentioning is the ability to index the main types of files: text, Word, Excel, OpenOffice, PDF, HTML, images, etc...

Documents are easy to find, the powerful search engine extracts the textual content of the documents and makes it available for full-text searches.

The latest released version 6.8.4 includes the following enhancements:

  • New email contact address book
  • CIFS protocol implementation
  • Ability to restore deleted folders and their documents
  • Bulk Checkout on documents allows to open many documents with your preferred editor
  • Support for FTP protocol
  • Date formatting for English-UK and English-AU
  • Login page completely redesigned
  • Implementation of the CMIS method getObjectByPath

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