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Welcome to MetaCollab

Meta Collab is an open research, meta collaboration (a collaboration on collaboration) with the aim to explore the similarities and differences in the nature, methods and motivations of collaboration across any and every field of human endeavour.

Meta Collab’s primary objectives are to:

  • create a continuously developing repository of knowledge surrounding collaboration;
  • develop a community of researchers and individuals interested in furthering an understanding of collaboration; and to

Why Collaborate on Collaboration?

Refining a generalised understanding of collaboration will help us to:

  • identify it (is a collaboration? is a city a collaboration? is a relationship a collaboration?);
  • support it (in a world of escalating conflict, a little support can go a long way);
  • develop it (as the internet has shown us, the methods and mediums for collaboration have scope for expansion).

Although it is designed to provide high quality explorative research, the underlying objective of this site is to help humanity develop shared understandings and to work together in every way, everywhere. More

How MetaCollab Works

Inspired by Wikipedia, Meta Collab’s content is created by people like you, sharing your experiences and understandings of collaboration in your field.

As content from unrelated fields of collaborative activity is contributed, methods for discovering and exploring common connections, working methods and experiences will be developed. More

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Featured Article

Wikiversity is a new free online university that brings together a metacommunity of learners and teachers by making use of MediaWiki software. Wikiversity could become much more than "yet another university" - it has the potential for rethinking the mode of education itself, or, at least, for furthering the model of collaborative education that is taking hold of the progressive educative community.

723px-Plato i sin akademi, av Carl Johan Wahlbom (ur Svenska Familj-Journalen)

Collaboration between learners and teachers.

A new learning model: Collaborative learning (or, variously, "cohort learning", "constructivist learning" etc.) is increasingly seen as a key factor in increasing participation and motivation in courses, both off and online. In this model, teachers are facilitators - they set up key elements of activities, courses and programs, but the content and process of these activities etc. is largely dictated by the students themselves; for example, collaboratively writing and researching a business proposal, or producing a poster of the pros and cons of GM technology.