Meta Collab

MediaWiki is the software used to run Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikiversity and a host of other Wikimedia projects. It is also the platform upon which Wikicities or Wikia including Meta-Collab are built.

MediaWiki was developed at SourceForge under an open source license. You can chat on IRC with the developers and watch them maintain the vast Wikimedia network in realtime at #mediawiki on Freenode.


The MediaWiki developers communicate and collaborate with Wikipedians and Wikimedians from all parts of the globe across political boundaries and language barriers at their metacommunity site called simply, meta.

Meta is a large part of the inspiration for the Meta-Collab Wikia and the Communitas! project.

HTML link: <a href="">META</a>
Wikia shortcut: [[m:Main Page|META]]

MediaWiki grows[]

The MediaWiki software and user base has grown exponentially from the Wikimedia Foundation projects to Wikicities and continues to fan out. Many extensions to the code base have branched into the open source community:

MediaWiki and Meta-Collab[]

Meta-Collab intends to expand its site to facilitate expanded usage of MediaWiki and its extensions to help organize and integrate collaborative projects of many kinds in a host of userbases and language classes.