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OpenKM is an multiplatform application for document management based on open technology (JBoss + GWT + Jackrabbit). Thanks to its elegant and intuitive interface, OpenKM transforms complex operations into easy tasks. It allows the storage, classification and use of all kind of files and documents within an user friendly framework.

Thanks to its design, OpenKM adapts to the necessities of companies of any importance and size. It allows to manage small as well as huge amounts of documents, to classify them and to manage their accessibility.

OpenKM allows to centralize all company's information in a single access point, guarantying the security of the data. In this way, only authorized users can access to specific data. At the same time, it provides a complete audit service. OpenKM is a Web 2.0 application that works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera. In addition, periodic backups avoid information losses.

However, one of the more relevant functions to mention is the indexing of the most common types of files: text, Office, Office 2007, OpenOffice, PDF, HTML, XML, MP3, JPEG, etc. Its powerful search motor indexes all documents making it easy to find any information.

This new version entails the following improvements: the previsualization of multimedia elements as images and videos, an improved an rewritten administration interface, a centralized management of templates, an exclusive area to allow users to store their private documentation, a tool for massive import and output data from ZIP files, searches by date ranks as well as translations to more languages.

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