Meta Collab

Questions Domande[]

  • What is the definition of an Open Project?
  • What are the properties of a project which allow it to be considered open?
    • Contributions can be received by anyone, or anyone within a context that is larger that the project's membership.
  • What is meant by 'open'?

Open project oriented projects[]

Online open projects

  • - Open Project Development, in this website, everyone can start a project.
  • - Developers of WikiaPerl, a toolset intended to help wikians, wikipedians, wictionarians and other users of MediaWiki with repetative tasks, data-mining and collaborative quests for project support, integration, interaction and facilitation.
  • - A network dedicated to generating and facilitating communities of collective action.
  • - Helping projects get up and running without the need to create a whole organisational structure each time.
  • - an initiative generator open to all projects (in French)