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I just wanted to park this here for now, from Cooperation Commons Summary The Success of Open Source, Weber, Steven

The motivations of highly talented programmers to voluntarily contribute include the opportunity to learn the programming craft, the pleasure of working on high quality code, reputation capital, and contribution to a battle against Microsoft and proprietary software in general.

I wanted to talk about how this might be related to Collaborative_incentive. Can these "motivations" also be looked at as Collaborative_incentive?

Also, the motivations described by Clare W Graves may be used as a way to think about a framework to help explain why people are collaborating. This social values viewpoint is discussed also in Kollock's Social Dilemmas: The Anatomy of Cooperation:

(from summary):

The motivation of not completely egoistic actors to cooperate is influenced by social value orientation, communication, and group identity. The social value orientation of a person seems to be acquired from the person�s social environment and is some linear combination of a cooperator who tries to maximize joint outcome, a competitor who tries to maximize own outcome relative to partner, and an individualist who tries to maximize own outcome. Kollock does not find any conclusive results in how to influence social value orientation but does find evidence that it varies between different countries.

Motivations for cooperation do not equal Collaborative_incentives, of course. But motivations can inform the reasons why some incentives work, and some don't.


I had a rough bash at incorporating your material into the article - feel free to tweek and develop.
I think the distinction between incentivess and motivations is very important and is likely to lead to some interesting ideas - even by simply starting at the Wikipedia pages - these pages could be good as starting material for MetaCollab articles on these topics framed within collaboration. There must be some good research on this already (I'm often saying that, but then being dissapointed in the lack there of!). I'll have to think on it a bit more...
I've got some articles on values, norms and beliefs in the open source softare movement that i'll post here when i find them - can't seem to find the links right now.

--- Mark Elliott 13:26, 6 December 2006 (UTC)