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MetaCommunity Taskforce[]

Thanks for the warm welcome Let's and Mark!

I'm Charley Quinton, co-founder of the Community Builders TaskForce at Wikipedia and the Communitas! MetaProject. I am very proud to have participated in a tightly-focused collaborative effort to bring the Wikipedia:Community article to nearly featured article status. It was a wonderful experience.

See Wikipedia:Talk:Community to track this process of collaboration.

The WP:CBTF is working also on Wikipedia:Portal:Community, (not to be mistaken for the Wikipedia:Community Portal) planned to become a central resource for community development at large, especially in the Internet context. The portal will link community topics into a well-organized reference for Community Studies in a multitude of contexts. It is an ambitious project. I hope that members of Meta-Collab will like the way it's laid out so far.

See WP:CBTF for details.


Please comment on the Community article or project taskforce here or start a new thread. CQ 15:54, 4 October 2006 (UTC)