Meta Collab

Welcome to the Wikiversity/Wikia Meta Collaboration Matrix!

Our aim is to foster the spirit of collaboration between Wikia (Wikicities) and Wikiversity. To do this, we are instituting the principle of contextual collaboration in a two-way-street paradigm of outreach and feedback. This collaboration matrix resides here at Meta Collab but is placed here as a sort of work area that deals specifically with Wikiversity/Topics.

Outreach and feedback[]

Wikipedia:v:Wikiversity:Wikiversity outreach is the origin of our outreach to them. Talk:Wikiversity/Topics is intended to be a place here for their feedback to us, or the destination for the feedback. A counterpart (mirror-image) of this page exists there, where the notion of us and them is flipped.

Part and counterpart[]

Collaborative processes between and among domains with differing goals and policies is difficult, but if careful attention is paid to scope, relevance, context, personal and group sensitivities, levels of participation, commonality and other properties is can become easier.

Understanding the paradigm of collaborating contexts that "belong" to parts and counterparts entails discovering how people fit into areas of interest and activity within and across domains. The Meta Collab version of the List of Wikia will be contextually scoped to areas of interest beginning with an academic treatment of topics biased toward Wikiversity's interests.

Since I part-icipate in both domains, I am in a position to help facilitate the collaborative process by maintainong parts and counterparts, namely Template:Wikia and Template:Wikiversity which are under development here and soon, there. CQ 17:45, 11 October 2006 (UTC)