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These are the principles of the LDI concept, a concept that is - as well - developing!

What is LDI?[]

An LDI (that simply comes from Let's Do It) is an open online project, hosted in an LDI hosting website. This are its properties:

Everyone in the world can join the projects and contribute with his own possibilities.

The projects are organized and developed directly on the web.

  • LDIs are hosted in a HOLDI:

The projects are not isolated in different websites, but all reachable through an unique and organized wiki that categorizes them and lets important information about them be much easier to find - a HOLDI.

What is HOLDI?[]

HOLDI is a website for Hosting Of LDIs. Open project development is - thank to wikia and the MediaWiki engine - a HOLDI.

  • HOLDI are websites where everyone can add a new LDI or join one.

  • HOLDIs offer the possibility for people to do something in the world, and to collaborate through the web.

Note: world includes web.

Related websites[]

The Open Project Development wikia is the first HOLDI called this way, and the Open Project Development LDI is the first LDI started in that wiki, and its goal is to develop this powerful concept, and to let it get known.