Meta Collab


Research on user-led content or knowledge production engages with the complex relationality between social, aesthetic, intellectual, legal and economic dynamics and processes. 'User-led' is related to the idea of 'bottom-up' but is not necessarily confined to 'non-commercial' or unregulated spaces.

Some of the domains of these dynamics include:

  • Issues of Agency and Control
    • Ownership
    • Control
    • Leadership
    • Labour
    • Benefit or profit
    • Access
  • Social logics
    • individualism
    • collectivism
    • community
    • publics
    • network
    • group
    • mass
    • niche
    • audience
  • Systems of power and governance (implicit or explicit)
    • hierarchy
    • heterarchy
    • anarchy
    • distributed
    • decentralised
    • benign dictatorship
    • malignant dictatorship
  • Factors affecting individual status in 'user-led' contexts
    • extrinsic forms of capital (cultural capital, social capital, financial capital)
    • literacy (the extent to which an individual's competencies match the value systems of the context)
    • intrinsic 'in-game' capital - developed through participation and is made visible and/or quantifiable through the system
    • perceived value of contribution
    • reputation
    • visibility - presence - freqency of participation
    • volume of participation
    • duration of participation

Cognate or Proximate Concepts[]

  • Content concepts: user-generated content peer production / Peer-to-peer
  • Design concepts: user-centred, participatory design or experience design
  • Modes of engagement: interactivity, intercreativity

Cases & Contexts[]

  • open source software development
  • fan production
  • education
    • pedagogical approaches in formal education, (cf. user-centred pedagogy)
    • informal and extramural learning communities e.g. photoshop tutorials,