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I have recently completed a PhD at the Centre for Ideas, Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne, Australia, researching and developing large-scale collaborative systems and methods with an increasing interest in stigmergic collaboration.

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Meta CollabEdit

Meta Collab is a free collaborative encyclopaedia on collaboration which was initially launched as part of my phd on on the Centre for Ideas server and was soon moved to a

Australian Bill of Rights InitiativeEdit

One of my phd projects is running an online wiki project to collaboratively draft and Australian bill of rights (we're the only common law country that doesn't have one - and we need one!!) called the Australian Bill of Rights Initiative. The site is now up here: but contributions are currently by invitation only (growing the community slowly - perhaps too slowly...). If you're interested, email me and I can give you access.

CollabForgeEdit Is consulting/IT company I am part owner of. We provide 'web2.0' communications and change management advice as well as analysis, design and reengineering of cooperative and collaborative processes in organisational settings. We are currently reengineering the City of Melbourne's collaborative process for creating its ten year plan ( including the building and implementation of a custom designed wiki (TWiki). For more information, email me: mark.elliott -AT-


Other than my research & collaborative projects, I lecture in new media, collaborative studies, music composition, computing for musicians and contextual studies for artists at Melbourne University, Victorian College of the Arts.


I have a background in music composition - (ugrad & masters) with interests in improv, computer music & live processing - though I compose for traditional instruments as well. I have the performance of a concerto I composed (solo Chinese mouth organ & orch) and an Australian tour coming up next year.

Project DevelopmentEdit

My Meta Collab Project Stuff

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