I am going to use my personal page here to collect and discuss P2P elated items, and refine and contextualize them until they are good enough to commit to actual wiki pages.

About Me Edit

My name is Sam Rose.

My Open ID is the enterprise that I have created to help people deal with the complexities of knowledge, understanding, change, human systems, evolution, foresight, cooperation and collaboration, and technology.

I have always been interested in effective knowledge synthesis, and I am interested in exploring and developing the concepts of open knowledge, open design, and open business.

I also love music, and writing, graphic arts, and inventing/tinkering/personal fabrication, (although I never seem to have the time lately :)

Here's a growing list of blogs, wikis, social software experiments and developings, and ongoing reearch projects that I am involved in:

Personal FabricationEdit interview with Niel Gershenfeld

We've already had a digital revolution; we don't need to keep having it. The next big thing in computers will be literally outside the box, as we bring the programmability of the digital world to the rest of the world. With the benefit of hindsight, there's a tremendous historical parallel between the transition from mainframes to PCs and now from machine tools to personal fabrication. By personal fabrication I mean not just making mechanical structures, but fully functioning systems including sensing, logic, actuation, and displays.

Open Design, Mass Customization, Democratizing Innovation, User-Centered InnovationEdit

Wikipedia:Open Design

I am currently reading a book called Democratizing Innovation (downlaod for free at that URL)

Mass Customization: Mass Customization Blog posting/Journal of Mass Customization

See also [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] Open Design WebDB

Jeff Jarvis: "Give us control and we will use it. Don’t and you will lose us."

The Open Source Green Vehicle Project

Open KnowledgeEdit

Open Knowledge webDB list for environmental scanning

Tech Businesses Recognize the Power of a Knowledge Commons

Open BusinessEdit

Open Business WebDB list

The Collaborative MicroEnterpriseEdit

The Emerging MicroEnterprise Paradigm WebDesk

Squidoo: The Collaborative MicroEnterprise Paradigm

New technologies give people access to tools and knowledge that was previously only available to a select few. These new technologies give people universal and direct access to markets. They allow people to create and maintain collaborative knowledge bases that can be used for small and large scale collabortion and cooperation.

These knowledge bases cover all aspects of human thinking, and open up new opportunities for people to use them to make a living, while simultaneously growing the knowledge commons.


Please see PeerInvest. I will also try to incorporate knowledge from and links to MetaCollab. Please also see BarCampBank

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