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Welcome to Meta Collab's Wikiversity worklist! Wikiversity is now up and running and we're going to help promote it via our own version of the List of Wikia.

Promoting Wikiversity[]

You can link to its Main page from any Wikia using Wikipedia:v:Main Page. Conversly, Meta Collab and Wikia are represented there at a new article, v:Wikia as a resource in Wikiversity's main namespace.

Meta Collab Wikiversity worklist[]

The Wikia page at Wikiversity contains an opt-in listing of Wikiversity schools, divisions, departments, topics and projects that would like to be represented on their appropriate Wikia if one exists. The listing will be mirrored below as Meta Collab's Wikiversity worklist and compared to our own academically-tempered List of Wikia.

Once a Wikiversity entity is classified here and linked to its Wikia counterpart(s), its entry will be announced at Wikia feedback at Wikiversity. Wikiversity feedback at Wikia is that page's counterpart here.

New list item[]

More information[]



The templates above are basically mirror-images of the "diffed" listings that reside on the two domains, and Using search terms "wiki" with "some topic" should eventually reveal entries in both domains nearby in the results of public search engines. We'll see.

The guiding principle is the collaboration of both people and contexts.